VIP Exclusive: Effortless 7 (Jan-Mar 2022)


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FORGET coming up with daily original content for posting to your social media!

Experts say that daily posting, especially with original content, is ESSENTIAL to maintain engagement and keep your page or group showing up in the newsfeed of your audience. It’s also CRITICAL that the content be 90% NOT about your product or service.

That’s a lot of demands to keep up with! Let me take this non-IPA (income producing activity) off your hands. Just download and schedule these posts in advance (they’re all laid out by date) for the next three months and then forget all about it for a whole quarter!!

COMPATIBLE with Vizzlie! Scheduling posts has never been easier. Follow my step by step guide and have your posts scheduled until April 2022 IN MINUTES!

All the content is prepared to compliment the beauty business, encourage engagement, and make you look professional! Posts, Guides, and Planning Materials included.

BONUS! 22 Fresh new Team-oriented Canva Templates!

NOTE about the folders: This bundle is large, so it’s divided into two folders. The first folder (called VIP Effortless7: 1 of 2–The Images) contains only the images of the posts. If you plan to use Vizzlie, you may skip downloading this folder. The second folder (called VIP Effortless7: 2 of 2–The rest) contains all the rest (The vizzlie guide, the canva team template guide, the content guide, the planning calendars, the facebook headers, and birthday animations). The code you will need for vizzlie is inside the guide.

Effortless Social Media Bundles are released every quarter, so you never have to worry about running out.

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT SHARING THE BUNDLE, THE VIZZLIE CODE, OR ANY OTHER VIP EXCLUSIVE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. The cost of membership to the VIP program is kept low in order to be affordable for EVERYONE. Your sister consultants can afford it. THANK YOU for respecting the other VIPs and my work!

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