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Peony Lucky Code Card


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If you’ve ever wanted to incentivize someone to text you, but you never got a chance to ask for their number, this card is for you! Slip inside samples that are left in a basket at your hairdresser’s. Slip inside catalogs that you leave at your doctor’s office.

How does it work? You write a random code on each card. You attach your business card or apply a reorder label with your phone number. The person that finds the card texts you this code. You respond with a prize. What prize? You choose! It can be a free sample, a deluxe mini with a complimentary beauty experience, or something bigger. The point is to get her excited about contacting you, and for you to MEET THAT EXCITEMENT with more excitement! Be enthusiastic and you’ve got yourself a new lead!

Size is the same as a business card. Material is glossy cardstock so using an ultra-fine-tip sharpie marker pen is suggested for writing on the front of the card.

25 cards in a pack. Build your own bundle to save!


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