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Instruction Packet: 2024 Mens Skincare, English


A Facial-In-A-Bag or an Instruction Packet is a printable guide for you to give to your client with samples, minis or when he/she takes home the product for the first time.

Men’s Skincare, updated 4/24 (No Shave Foam) OPTIMIZED FORMAT
Want the older version, WITH shave foam? email me, I still have the file.

Instructions for printing this new version: To print FRENCH FOLD (one packet per sheet of paper) print one-sided, page 1 only
To print DUPLEX+CUT (two packets per sheet of paper) print both pages double-sided/duplex flipped on the LONG EDGE. (Click to enlarge Instruction Page in the product photo gallery for a visual guide)

Want cello bags to hold your Instruction Packets? These are the perfect size!


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