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Medium Cello Bags – Facial-In-Bag Size


This size is perfect for facials-in-bags/instruction packets with samples/minis, Serene Beauty Virtual Spa Packs, 4×6 postcards and pieces of regular paper folded into 4ths! Totally clear.

Inner size is 4.25 inches wide and 6.125 inches long. The lip extends about 1″ beyond the enclosed space and has a peel-away adhesive strip for sealing and resealing.

packages of 25 bags for $1.50 (6 cents per bag)
packages of 100 bags for $5.25 (just over 5 cents per bag)

Cellophane thickness is 1.2Mil.
Made in China but ships from my store in Cincinnati, OH.

Package Size

Pack of 100 bags, Pack of 25 bags


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