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Please Read Before Exploring the Go-Give Freebies:

Rule #1

The items in the “Go-Give” section you are about to enter are FREE to download, so long as you have a free Go-Give level account, or a VIP-Upgraded account, here at the Peony Garden. You’ll notice that they must be added to your cart and checked out as if they were paid-for products. The reason is simple: this allows me to track the number of downloads each freebie has, and it allows you to re-download from your own personal downloads library later.

Rule #2

The Go-Give items MAY be shared with others, HOWEVER, please do me a huge favor by telling those you share files with that you got them from the Peony Garden! (By contrast, items that you pay for in the Downloads” section of the website, and items that are exclusively for VIP members, are NOT to be shared with others.)


Rule #3

Regardless of where my downloads come from, you may never remove the Peony Garden Logo or alter these designs without my permission! Thank you for respecting my work!

Rule #4

Please understand that many of the Go-Give designs and VIP Exclusive designs include trademarked images, logos and names that belong to Mary Kay, Inc. Peony Garden Graphics, LLC is not endorsed or approved by MK Inc, I do NOT have permission to sell these designs, which is why I give them away! IT IS YOUR JOB to educate yourself on the Legal Ease Guidelines outlined for Mary Kay Consultants and the Legal Terms and conditions of this site.

It’s my hope that these can bless your business!
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