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Peony Garden Graphics


Frequently Asked Questions

if you can’t find the answer to your question below then please send us a message. Thank you!
1. Do you ship outside the US?

Yes, but I handle each order individually to ensure we can choose the shipping options that will work best for you. If you’re interested in placing an international order, please email me the items, quantities, and shipping location to peonygardengraphics@gmail.com and I can work up a shipping estimate for you.

2. Are your products and designs only for members of the Mary Kay independent sales force?

Yes and no. Many of the printed products and downloads in our shop are useful for just about anyone. Go-give and VIP downloads, however, are geared mostly towards the MK sales force. If you’re not in MK, you are welcome here and I’d be happy to show you the types of products that could help you. Reach out to me!

3. Are there any discount codes?

There are three discounts that are ongoing, but not every purchase will qualify;

  • The BYOB (Build Your Own Bundle) is an automatic discount that makes every 5th qualified item free (buy 4, get the 5th free). This discount can repeat in multiples of 5, so order 10 and pay for only 8, order 15 and only pay for 12. Items that qualify for this bundle offer are at peonygardengraphics.com/product-category/type/byob/
  • The VIP Half discount saves VIPs 50% on any and all downloads automatically. No coupon code is required. You must be a VIP to qualify and be logged in under your VIP account. Find out more about the VIP program at peonygardengraphics.com/vip
  • The VIP free shipping vouchers require a special coupon code that is emailed to VIPs every 3rd month. These codes are non-transferrable and work one time only. Find out more about the VIP program at peonygardengraphics.com/vip

Any other discounts would be part of temporary promotions that are subject to change. Stay up-to-date on promotions by following our Facebook page at (insert link here when I make a fb page).

4. Do you do custom designs?

Yes, but on a limited basis. Design requests are discussed and priced on an individual basis and may be subject to a waiting list. VIPs get first priority when it comes to design requests. Email me the details of your idea to pggrequests@gmail.com.

5. Are you a Mary Kay consultant?

Yes, I am! At my highest I was a team leader, but I currently service and maintain a loyal customer base and order my own products at a discount. I’m a part of the Relentless Rhoades Unit, in the Lauchlan National area, in the diamond seminar.